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Customer Journey


Our Customer Service Advisors will contact you to arrange an estimate of your vehicle. If your vehicle is driveable we will arrange a suitable date for you to obtain an estimate. If your vehicle is not driveable we will make arrangements to collect your vehicle.


If you are claiming through your insurance policy, our estimate along with photographs of the damage is sent to your insurer for authorisation before the repairs commence. Once we have received the authorisation, our Customer Service Advisors will arrange a date for your vehicle to be repaired. Should the estimated cost of repairs be close to the current market value of your vehicle your insurer may choose to send an engineer to assess the vehicle before authorising repairs or declaring it beyond economical to repair.


Our Parts Supervisor will order the relevant parts to repair your vehicle. All repairs are conducted to the Manufacturer and Thatcham standards.


Our Customer Service Advisors will be available between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday – Friday, should you need to discuss your repair. We will telephone you to notify you when your repair is completed.


All of our work is quality checked throughout the repair. Your vehicle will have a final inspection and be cleaned before it is returned to you.


You will need to pay your policy excess when you collect your vehicle from us. We accept cash, credit and debit card payments. Please note we do not accept cheque payments.

Before leaving your vehicle with us…

Please remove your personal belongings from your vehicle, as we do not accept any responsibility for your property

If you are using one of our courtesy cars please bring your driving licence with you, as you will need to show this to our Customer Service Advisors

Please bring any alarm, keys, fobs with you, including the start and alarm codes

Bring any locking wheel nuts as a road wheel might need to be removed during the repair

Bring any paint protection treatment certificates/documentation with you

Find your radio code in your driver's’ handbook. You may need to reinsert the code if your battery is disconnected during the repair. If you are unable to find this, please contact your dealer